My how rumors fly

I was at my sisters this weekend dropping off my son so my wife and I could go and see a movie (Twilight: Eclipse), and something I had never seen before happened: a man had barricaded himself in his house and the SWAT team was called.

I guess it all started when a cop went to go serve a warrant and the man put up yellow caution tape, and posted notes on his door saying “Someone is gonna die today.”

Well, you can imagine the hysteria, can’t you? People were lining the streets, some even pulled out the lawn chairs. But they weren’t afraid of the neighborhood being in danger as much as they were of that little factor we humans like to call inquisitive.

As more time drug on the more the rumors started to fly. “I heard he has a bomb.”

“No, no, get it right – he has a bomb and a meth lab.”

“I heard he killed someone. Doesn’t he have hostages?”

“I heard that they were going to evacuate the entire block.” That part is actually true, but only for the immediate neighboring houses. I found this out by actually going and asking a policeman.

These are actual rumors I heard, but you get my drift. It was sometime during the night that the police got on a bull horn and told him to come out, because if they had to go in, he was coming out in a body bag. Police actually said this, however, I don’t know the actual quote.

And like a good Rebel Without a Cause, less than a minute later, he came out. What, no showdown? No entertainment? No gunfight at the O.K. Corral?

By the end of the end of the five hour plus standoff, more than one-hundred people had gathered outside. Its inherent in human nature to be attracted to what’s entertaining. Just as much of our need to spread rumors. And while this may only make the news for one day, the neighbor folk will talk for a long time. Maybe an al-Qaeda connection will get smuggled into this one.


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