Congressman Pete Stark – “The federal government – yes can do most anything in this country.”

In reaction to Congressman Pete Stark’s comments at a recent town hall meeting, 86% percent of those polled say “there should be limits on what the federal government can do.”  When you take something despite the best intentions you may have, it is called theft.  However, when the government does it, it is called “legal plunder.” 

“Legal plunder” takes a very narrow doorway and expands anyway that the government sees fit.  An attendee challenged the congressman to explain his support for Obamacare saying that it “infringes upon the inalienable rights of other people.”  Furthermore, the attendee went on to say that it is a form of slavery and violates the thirteenth amendment to the Constitution.

That is when big government Congressman Pete Stark said, “The federal government – yes, can do most anything in this country.”  Consider for a moment that under the mandate, those who are “required” to “buy” these insurance plans could be penalized by the IRS if they don’t.  Consider for a moment that the Cato Institute’s website reports that despite the Obama administration’s spin, Obamacare will not be “free” and “no cost“.  Also, Cato reports that Obamacare will not, despite popular belief, will not reduce the cost, and for that matter, the quality.

The simple fact of the matter is, is that the federal government, when constrained to the confines of the Constitution, cannot do just anything that it wants.  However, we have to remember that the federal government has ignored the Constitution for a very long time.  Whether it is domestic policy, foreign policy, or some other matter, the Constitution is like the nerdy kid in gym class that gets picked last for the basketball team.


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