Cojones? Now what would Fox News say if someone said that about Bush?

Sarah Palin yet again made headlines by saying President Obama has no “cojones”. Now the only question I have is, what would Fox News and its great Americans say if someone had said that about Bush?

Afterall, this an administration that lied about Iraq, was riddled with scandal, and neglected Afghanistan. Bush didn’t have the cojones to admit he was wrong about Iraq. Bush didn’t the cojones to stand up to the CIA over there death and torture camps. When free thinking Americans argued against Iraq, torture, and Bushes secret government, we were labled “un-American”, “un-patriotic”, and we had “nothing nice to say about America.” It was Bush who used the arrogant “backbone” line.

She criticizes the President over his lack of interest in curbing illegal immigration and securing our southern border. What about John McCain (R) Arizona who worked with Senator Ted Kennedy on amnesty for illegals? Or George Bush who – let’s face it didn’t make any attempts to do what was necessary either. Do either of these men have cojones?

Her book Going Rogue wasn’t so much a stepping stone for her journey to office of the President, as it was a complaint on how bad she was treated by the McCain campaign, Catie Kouric, and the rest of the media. In keeping with her tune of flip-flopping and not being able to keep a straight story, 71% of Americans say they don’t want her to run for the presidency, much less be the commander-in-chief.

But that’s not what this is about , is it? While to label the President as having no cojones, Sarah Palin is not the only one to use the term. It’s party politics at its worst, and Fox News and their viewers don’t want to admit it, they have nothing nice to say about the man sitting in the executive chair.

Now there’s a flood of people parrotting Palin’s words because they look at her as a GOP savior, which she isn’t. She left in the middle of here second term a lame duck governor for a variety of reasons. Moving on to monetary greener pastures, Sarah Palin is now in a position to snipe at the President and his lack of cojones.

In quitting her state and her voters Sarah Palin has lost political ground and has allienated a lot of people, myself included.

If Sarah Palin cared so much about her country and her Constitution, why does she make $50,000 a speech? Likewise, why did she quit her state? She could have stuck it out like any other American who busts their asses for little to nothing.

Any politician (should she run for President) who doesn’t hammer this home is not worth their pay.

Sarah Palin may very well be like all the pundits at Fox News, someone with an opinion, and if she’s not careful, she’ll wind up with blood poisoning with all the crib notes she writes on her hand.


One thought on “Cojones? Now what would Fox News say if someone said that about Bush?

  1. kip

    Waylon, you have to understand, the majority of Americans are stupid. All this republican blustering is just what voters love. It’s the reality TV generation.
    I’m a lifelong democrat. I’m almost certain a republican will win in 2012.

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