A Foreign Policy Rant

I was surfing through You Tube last night and came across a video of Pat Buchanan giving Glenn Beck a little lesson in foreign policy.

Beck – as he says in the clip – is a libertarian, but he mentions Ron Paul and says the guy is wrong on so many issues. Now for a guy like Beck to spout words of the fathers and the Constitution, wouldn’t it cross peoples minds that he should be against our interventionist foreign policy?

Buchanan mentioned having troops on the border between the Koreas, and asked why? The war has been over for fifty years, South Korea can take care of themselves, why do we need 30,000 troops massed on their border? Sure the North’s ruler is a little out there, but when one looks at our own history, one has to ask the question, what in the hell were we thinking?

Hussein? Obama? Noriega? Musharif? Iran-Contra? These are men and entities we made alliances with in the name of peace? How much more of deficits, how much more of our financial soveriegnty is going to be sold into the hands of the Federal Reserve, other banks and communist China?

How many children are we willing to make fatherless and motherless all in the name of peace? All in the name of propping up governments that don’t exist. Karzai is a figurehead. Iraq still can’t get their shit together. Why else would Biden go over there?

Saddam Hussein didn’t have the military to terrorize a mouse. Would North Korea have any incentive to attack the United states if we WERE NOT OVER THERE?

How many soldiers lives, innocent civilians lives will be lost before this foreign policy is exposed for what it is? A lie. As far back as 1997 the neocons were planning their invasion of the Middle East, and in selecting George W. Bush, they had the fall guy.

How much more of international crisis, wars lead by the United States, joint military excercises done in the face of their enemies will occur before the American people awaken to the sad reality that our foreign policy is just fun and games?

“To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men.”
President Abraham Lincoln


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