Bill O’Reilly outfoxed by a 9/11 victim’s son

Seriously, this is not a “Hate Bill O’Reilly day”.  I was just perusing through You Tube and came across this video and the one before this one.  Bill O’Reilly tactics throughout his time on Fox News have never changed.  In the middle of someone’s point he interrupts them.  For fear that they may prove to be smarter than him, I reckon.

Notice in the video below that the guest does not say that 9/11 was an inside job.  He doesn’t say that the government had even the littlest bit of anything to do with it.  All he says is that in the past the U.S. government has trained these people, and this is true.  Bill, who doesn’t want this to come to the light, gets hostile on camera. 

He’s arrogant, rude, smarmy – essentially he is a high school bully trapped in a sixty-ish year old body.  Ever wonder why Bill never has Jesse Ventura on?  Ventura would have enough of his mouth, slam his head into the desk and say, “Bill, you’re a pinhead!”  Now that’s quality televsion.


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