Rangel pushes for draft once more

The burdens of war are placed heavy on our men’s shoulders. Numerous tours have worn them down. They miss their families and their homes. Now a Democrat from New York, Charles Rangel, has once more introduced legislation for a military draft.

While this may relieve the burden on our troops, is there any logical reseasoning to think that this will somehow improve our relationship in Afghanistan? With all the innocent civilians getting killed and all that.

Call me crazy, but civilians and pregnant women getting murdered doesn’t solidify our reputation. Our conflicts in Middle East are objectiveless. Iraq’s government can’t pull their heads out of their asses.

How can we continue to pacify Karzai over deaths innocence? Taking into consideration if we get a working in Afghanistan, and that’s a big if, they will only see the puppet government as a reflection of us.

The solution does not lie in more troops, more billions of dollars spent, taking men from their families, rather, it lies in a withdraw of forces. Contrary to popular belief, Taliban fighters are not all radical Islamists. They see us as aggresors, and sending more men over in a military draft will do nothing to quell this resistance.


One thought on “Rangel pushes for draft once more

  1. nmdecke

    Woof, we will never have a draft for these wars. It would be absolute political suicide for anyone to seriously try and push that one through congress. Despite what the talking heads on TV and the mouths in Washington say, the vast majority of Average Joe Americans know that A-Stan is Vietnam for the 2000s. Remember, it’s the 50-60 year olds who vote in this country, and who hold most of the wealth and influence, and they remember Vietnam quite well.

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