Constitutional Convention for term limits on Congress

In 2008 when I voted in the Indiana primaries for Ron Paul I got, “why waste your vote?”  Why waste my vote for someone who flip-flops on virtually every issue, pays lip service to the Constitution, and in the eyes of some are the “lesser of two evils?”  What has America gained by voting for the lesser of two evils?

Why not vote for Ron Paul?  A man who since the beginning of his years in Congress has sided with the Constitution.  There’s a thought process among the American people who a third-party candidate cannot and will not be elected.  That’s true if this example of asinine thinking persists.  But it is also to the credit of some states that don’t even put third parties on their ballots.  The Federal Election Commission (FEC) limits the primary presidential debates to two parties.  I don’t have to tell you which ones those are.

So how do we put terms limits on Congress to ensure that senators and congressman don’t grow to be in their nineties or maybe even reach a hundred years old while in office?  Really, who would want to vote for a ninety plus year old?  It’s sure to be a fact that Congress itself is not going to vote themselves out of office.

Now I’ve heard this from several people, “we just need an armed revolution against the guv’ment.”  This will not work for a number of reasons:

  1. To have a second “civil war” would be futile.  The economy would crash, the loss of the innocent would be staggering, and by doing this, we would only give legitimacy to the Beast.
  2. The American people are too discombobulated.  Thanks to the mainstream media, the guv’ment, and a whole slew of things, out of 300 million people, it would be difficult to get a fight for a common cause.  A revolt, if that’s what you want to call it, would fall to pieces within a week.
  3. Who would we fight against?  The Democrats?  What about the Republicans?  Maybe both?  How would we root out the source of corruption?  During the Civil War the people had a common to cause to fight for.  Although most Americans (if they thought freely) would agree that Iraq was sold on a lie, the guv’ment is too big, but we seem to have varying ideas of what that “bigness” is.
  4. The opposition would squash us in a week.  They have satellites, world armies, the Patriot Act and other outright lies like it.  Dissidents would be rounded up into FEMA camps never to be seen again.

Despite what anyone wants to think, this sort of sentiment is out there, and while the Declaration of Independence calls us to this sort of duty, it would be fruitless to attempt such a feat.  Again, the people are just too discombobulated. 

A revolution such as this would require a different kind.  A peaceful one.  A Constitutional Convention.  Wikipedia defines it as such:

Article Five of the United States Constitution provides for two methods to propose amendments to the Federal Constitution. The first is a vote by two-thirds of each house of Congress. The second method is a Convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution, or simply an “Article V convention.” According to Article V, an amendment-proposing convention must be called, “on the application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States.” Once an Article V convention has proposed amendments, they must be ratified by three-fourths of the states in order for the amendments to become part of the Constitution. Congress has the power to choose between two methods of ratification: ratification by the state legislatures or ratification conventions called for that purpose.

The fact is, is despite the kind of “change” that Barack Obama wants to promise, and no matter how much the parties want to bash one another, true change won’t come until we take the measures to vote out the old and vote in the new.


2 thoughts on “Constitutional Convention for term limits on Congress

  1. The states have already applied for an Article V Convention in sufficient number to cause Congress to call an Article V Convention. The public record of over 700 entries from 49 states in the Congressional Record can be read at Congress is mandated to call a convention if 34 states submit 34 applications.

  2. Joel S. Hirschhorn

    You make a lot of sense and I hope you check out all the info on the Article V convention option at and join our national effort to make Congress obey the Constitution and give us the first convention.

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