The twisted world of BP

No one can doubt or question that BP needs to be held responsible for the disaster in the Gulf.  However, President Obama’s order to create a commission to investigate when it is chuck full of environmentalists will offer little to no answers.  The Obama administration has stacked the game against American oil companies in an unfair game of poker.  Like previous commissions, the “BP commission” has a preconceved finding.

Here is a list to take you into the twisted world of BP.

  1. Journalists are threatened with a felony and a fine if they video or report on the clean up.
  2. BP clean up workers who were made sick were told not to go to hospitals.  Rather, they should go to BP’s hospital.
  3. With Obama creating his “commission”, clean up taking a long time, locals not able to help with the clean up,; people wonder if the mess was a false-flag.  A means to an end for bigger government to step in.
  4. Ron Paul has said that he doesn’t trust Obama/BP/and the $20 billion dollars.
  5. Corexit is a chemical that shrimpers and clean up workers have exposed to.

Spin it anyway you want, but Obama/BP aren’t telling us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


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