Obama: The Party President

As I have stated here before; every politician has an ego, but Barack Obama’s is the worst of them all.  His solution to government is more government.  If the GOP says “no”, they are immediately labeled as the party against progression.  The party that is against accountability.

Virtually every time this actor speaks, words of piss and vinegar spew from his mouth.  He challenges the GOP to “step up to the plate” despite the fact that his ratings are dropping, and his policies are…well, not good.

  1. Healthcare reform: This agenda was the first on his list.  Despite the heavy resistance and the failures that it incurred on the regular Constitutional channels, Obama and the Dem’s found a way to get it passed that wasn’t Constitutional, and as Dennis Kucinich said, “is built on sand.”  Healthcare reform will only take freedom of choice out of the hands of the people, place a heavy burden on the taxpayer, and will end a competitive market.
  2. Immigration: It is no secret that the government has no real plan to secure out southern border.  So, President Obama doesn’t deserve all the blame.  However, when the federal government steps up and does nothing, what else are the states to do.  Everyone cried when a fourteen year old border jumper was shot (he turned out to be a smuggler) but no one says a word about border agents getting killed.
  3. Afghanistan: When we were told “change”, we didn’t think we would get more of the same-old stuff.  Obama has intensified an already desperate situation by sending more troops to Afghanistan.  By us being there people are losing jobs, more men are joining the militias, and we are pushing al-Qaeda into Pakistan.  Whats next?  We occupy them too?  When innocent civilians start getting killed by bombs or coalition forces shooting up buses, Afghans start to see us aggressive occupiers, not liberators.  Maybe Washington is catching on by acknowledging that it causes hatred and dissent.
  4. Environmental commission by executive order: Executive orders are just how they sound: a way for the President to get around the Congress and his swipe of a pen to become law.  A commission to oversee the clean up of the gulf might not be a bad thing, only if Congress had more advice.  By filling his commission with environmentalists, President Obama has proven that he is not a man of “crossing party lines” or “solving the problem”.  Rather, he is a party President.  An agenda President, and much like the Warren Commission and the 9/11 Commission, this commission will be designed to have a predestined conclusion.

We’ve had eight years for Bush to wreck the country, it seems it will take Obama less than four to do more damage.


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