Obama’s bruised ego

Every politician has an ego.  Why else would they tell us that their way is the best?  They scratch and claw at one another during the primary debates, then when the winner is declared, they pile in their support in the hopes of a Cabinet post.  President Obama is possibly the most egotistical president since LBJ.  This is a man who does not like the answer “no”.

When healthcare reform didn’t pass the usual rigors of the Congress, Democrats used an un-Constitutional pathway called reconciliation to pass the economically disastrous bill.  GOP leaders who criticize Obama’s humongous spending rates are vilified as “being against the American people.”

The President’s initiative to sign Executive Order’s as if they are law, is not only un-Constitutional, but economically disastrous.  His piece of legislation laying the blame on the financial sector and not the Federal Reserve, thusly, giving the Fed more regulatory power, is nothing more than our capitalist system being overthrown by a small and very powerful sect of secret men.

Since its start, the Federal Reserve has overseen at least twelve recessions.  They have the power to influence or destroy our economy.  The President’s administration is in bed with such corrupt bankers.  So with a clear mind and a free thinking process, one could see why he wants to give more power to the Federal Reserve.

BP is not the primary target of President Obama’s Cap and Trade agenda.  It is the American companies.  As Ron Paul says, “BP loves Cap and Trade.”

With an injunction placed by a federal judge against the Obama administration (they have since said that they will issue a new order), a commission panel created by the President alone (made up of environmentalists), a sinking approval rating, a faltering conflict in Afghanistan; November could pose dangerous to Obama and the Democrats.


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