Glenn Beck is at it again…

The always abrasive and many times contestable Glenn Beck is at it again – book writing, I mean.  But this time it is a fiction book.  Or as he likes to call it, “faction”.  Now writing fiction is a tough thing to do.  People say it is hard to get into a good book.  Its even harder to write one.  I am a writer myself and I must have gone through at least fifty rewrites and about a million different plot changes.  Okay, maybe not that much, but you get the point.

Liberal bashing comes easy to Beck, but as he admits, writing fiction comes even harder.  He calls the conspiracy thriller “my story” but admits that Jack Henderson “put the words down”.  He says, “I’m a team kind of guy.”  Here is a basic synopsis of what the book is about:

The Overton Window takes its title from an actual theory about the “window” or range of politically acceptable ideas. As Beck sees it, that window can be manipulated so that ideas once thought of as radical — say, gun control — seem to become more acceptable.

In his novel, a federal conspiracy is aimed at suspending individual rights in the name of security and a new world order. The unnamed president is barely mentioned. The villain is a public relations executive contemptuous of all politicians. The opposition is led by a group that, like Beck, quotes the founding fathers. One of their leaders, attractive and idealistic Molly Ross, is the love interest for Noah Gardner, brash and cynical son of the evil PR executive.

 With a loose nuclear weapon threatening Nevada, the plot turns on whether Noah can save the world while finding true love with Molly.

For those of you who like sex in your books as well as your movies, its got that too.  “That’s as sleazy as it gets,” Beck says with a laugh. “That’s the whole sex scene in the book.”  Sticking to the sidelines Beck says that he is not predicting such a conspiracy but there but “there a lot of pieces out there in the world right now.”

When asked who he predicts for the 2012 election, he said, “that’s assuming we have an election.”  I was at Wal-Mart and I saw the book on the shelf.  Looking in the back I found that he had posted his sources.  But before I mention that, remember when he proclaimed on Fox News when proclaimed the fact of FEMA camps on Fox and Friends then did a backflip?

Let’s see, he says that “we” have investigated this theory and they can’t debunk them.  As he says, they had an independent group investigating this story.  Would the leader of that group by the way be Oliver North.  The corporate whipped Beck went further to debunk the theory with Popular Mechanics.

I don’t know, maybe he missed this little tidbit of information.  His critics were right, his work is fiction.


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  1. The Glenn Beck Review

    I just learned about the Overton Window today. I’d like your comment on my energy focused argument if you have the time. I hope you can support my effort.

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