Motorcycle man charged with videotaping a State Trooper

This is something that fuels the debate between what is “free” and what is “right”.  What the clip below of CNN’s report on the issue.

Who do you agree with? 

I am more inclined to agree with the motorcycilist and the ACLU.  Despite the fact that the man was speeding and becoming a wreckless endangerment, I don’t think he was wanting to film himself riding with the hopes of getting into a chase, with the chance of having his license revoked.

The state trooper should not have pulled his gun.  He should have flashed his badge, identified himself, and gone from there.  What regular John Doe citizen is going to have a good reaction when a Chevy Impala pulls up and a plain clothes man gets out with a gun?  Oh boy, a man with a gun!

The fact is, is that there are a lot more people to prosecute other than some stupid speeder who happens to have a camera on his helmet, and an over reacting cop gets out with gun drawn and waits at least five seconds to identify himself.  What person would have a good reaction to this?

Where is Constitutionally or morally right to confiscate a man’s computers all on the basis of him posting a video on You Tube?

Would taping things such as this merit you getting put in the slammer?  Or this?  Or watch how Sean Hannity’s buddy Oliver North is protected in refrence to REX-84.


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