The far reaching hand of Bilderberg

To say that there was no cabal of global interest groups in operation is…well dillusional.  As a point of fact, there are.  And they are the names of such groups that hide in plain sight: the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission.  All of these are out there and yet, no mainstream corporate junkie is willing to take them on.  Why?

Alex Jones, the father of 9/11 conspiracy facts, and among others, notes that many Bilderbergs declined to attend, and that the sudden exposure has the globalist elite running scared.  Bill Gates the Chairman of Microsoft corporation attended; along with a complete list of whos-who at Bilderberg.  Bilderberg attendee and Council on Foreign Relations hound dog David Rockefeller actually confesses to being part of a “cabal” and “conspiring with others to build an integrated political and economic structure”.

It was President John F. Kennedy that denounced secret oaths and secret proceedings as “repugnant”.  It was Ron Paul that brought to the light of a conspiracy of a North American Union in 2008 during the debates.  It was Stan Jones who spoke out against the world power elite, their one-world government, one currency, the NAU, and a National I.D. card.

FEMA camps are real, the new world order is real.  A subversion of national sovereignty is their only goal.  National security directives and initiatives have paved the way for future abolition of our rights in the name of peace and security. 

Sad to say, but this country is no longer ours.  Corporate interests and global functions have high-jacked it.  Today the threat of international policing, an open southern border, and a government lax on the sanctity of privacy is a greater threat to us.  The sun is setting on our Republic.


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