Fidel Castro: Obama to attack Iran and North Korea to win second term…

In a publication titled “The Empire and War”, former President Fidel Castro claims that President Obama will order attacks on Iran and North Korea to win a second term.  Certianly Obama’s chances of getting reelected are becoming less certian, but don’t count him out.  Castro asks:

“Could Obama enjoy the emotions of a second presidential election without having the Pentagon or the State of Israel, whose conduct does not in the least obey the decisions of the United States, use nuclear weapons against Iran?” Castro asked. “How would life on our planet be after that?”

This is kind of a redundant question coming from a man who helped push the world to the brink of nuclear war in 1962, and possibly a new world order.  But, nevertheless, it is a good question.  If the United States would go nuclear on Iran chaos would follow coupled with the worst kind of blowback that the United States and Israel has ever faced.  Let us not forget that it was the cool head of President Kennedy prevailing that kept the world’s two major powers from going nuclear.

To read the article, click here.

The CIA’s attempted to assassinate Castro with Operation Mongoose, the Bay of Pigs invasion, and tried to shift blame for terrorist attacks in the United States with Operation Northwoods.  Oliver Stone in his movie JFK explored the CIA’s connection to Cuban exiles, Clay Shaw, and New Orleans in connection with the assassination with President Kennedy.  Fidel’s sister Juanita Castro in her memoirs reveals how she was a CIA operative in Cuba during the 1960’s.


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