FEMA Camps over Swine Flu?

Last night I had the pleasure of talking to a guy I had not talked to in a long time.  Now he and I used to work together and although we were never close friends we were able to agree on things and get along.  Our talk went from taking joking jabs at one another like most men do, to politics, to conspiracy theories.

I had never expected this man to be one to go for this sort of knowledge, in fact, I had always that of him to be (in some respects) a government balls to the wall sort of guy.  One of our topics of interest was FEMA camps.  You’ve heard about them.  I’ve posted alot of articles on them right here.

Did I mention that he is a cop?

Last year in the midst of the swine flu scare (mostly propagandized by the government scare machine) FEMA came to my friends small town and had a “classified” meeting.  To make a long story short, the officers were told that if the swine flu in their jurisdiction should become a pandemic that they were to round up those believed to be infected and take them to detention centers, whether they wanted to or not.

This blew me away.  Not so much the fact that I was being introduced to FEMA camps, I’ve researched this religiously (there is twenty years of evidence to support the claim), but it came from the words of a police officer.We’ve and seen the evidence of FEMA camps, domestic martial law takeover training excercises, and the latest news of where the elite want to put temporary detention centers in our Post Offices.

Americans should be aware of this growing reality, but sadly too many of them believe that their government could do nothing like this.


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