Bill O’Reilly upset that Rand Paul doesn’t want to nuke Iran

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, nuking Iran will not solve anything.  If anything, it will usher in a new era of war and will bring the world to its newest breaking point.  This is country that has a rag-tag air force, no navy, if they do it’s not worth the spit in a bucket, about the only strong thing in their military is their army.

Dropping a nuclear weapon on Tehran will for a long time destabilize the Middle East and will rob us of any chance we have at achieving any relative peace in that region.  Imagine  this: Iran announces they have their first nuclear weapon (even though the CIA says they won’t have one in the next ten years).  The world goes nuts.  Special meetings at the U.N., NATO, and every other place you can think of are organized.  After negotiations break, mostly because Iran sees its right to have a nuclear weapon as a matter of its national sovereignty, the final decision is reached – the United States along with coalition forces must invade to remove the government of Iran and its possession of nuclear material.  We’ve seen this before.

The invasion is fronted by the use of nuclear force.  One maybe up to three nukes.  Followed by invasion of the rest of the world’s militaries, they now have to grapple with a nation in chaos.  Occupation.  The military is bogged down and unable to do its job, if there was ever one to be had.  I could see reconstruction taking up to ten years or more.

Meanwhile Iranians days, weeks, months, maybe even years later come down with sicknesses associated with nuclear exposure.  Strange tumors appear on their bodies and they die agonizing deaths.  Those who are lucky to live the rest of their lives in pain and their families hate the United States because of a preemptive nuclear strike policy.

The world grapples with what it has done as pictures of charred and badly burnt children fill our television screens and circulate the internet.  Soon the debate goes from “weapons of mass destruction” to “we can’t leave Iran like this.”  We’ve seen this before.

If the United States doesn’t nuke Iran to begin with, we won’t have to see those pictures of charred badly burnt children.

Note: Preemptive war is based on a fifty-fifty chance, and sometimes less than that.  It is war undeclared and unprovoked.  Under the guise of protecting America’s national security the United States has been conducting preemptive war techniques since the Korean War (The forgotten war).  In the Korean and Vietnam conflicts the United States lost over 100,000 men, all just for a withdraw and a tie.

The United States should not look to provoking war with Iran, rather, we should use diplomacy.  During the years of the Cold War the United States faced down the Soviet Union and averted nuclear war.  If Iran woud get only one nuke that would be one against Israel’s hundreds, and one against our seventy-thousand.  M.A.D.: Mutual Assured Destruction. 


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