Rand Paul wins Kentucky primary — Larger obstacles loom ahead

The government has run rampant.  Spending is out of control, wars are undeclared and being planned as we speak, and when a nation goes to war with other in the name of democracy, we are losing ours.  Corrupt politicians abound laying the groundwork for more corporatism.  With two pieces of legislation in the Congress to strip Americans of their rights, a $2 trillion dollar deficit, and needless endless wars, maybe the true threat to American survival is the government itself.

Maybe with a number of congressman and senators not seeking reelection, and men like Rand Paul having the chance to win the Kentucky Senate race, maybe, just maybe, things will change.

“The tea party message is not a radical message. It’s not an extreme message,” he said. “What is extreme is a $2 trillion deficit.”

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex), Paul’s father, told supporters in Kentucky, “You think only the Republicans are disgruntled? Everybody is disgruntled, especially the independents.”

“If you look at all the polls, John McCain won Kentucky overwhelmingly in a not-so-good year for Republicans,” Paul told CBS. “And President Obama is less popular in our state than he’s ever been, and he never was very popular in Kentucky. So I think we have a very good chance in the fall.”

Good luck, Rand Paul.  You’ll need it.



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