Another one bites the dust — Goodbye, Mark Souder

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Current Events, News, Politics
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The party of family and American values isn’t so much the party of family and American values.  Republican politicians in Congress have just as much affairs with other women as what the Democrats do, and some aren’t even publicized.  The Republicans under Bush helped shred the Constitution, and helped support and pave the way for two endless wars.

Joseph Lieberman who was kicked out of the Democratic party for siding with Bush too much has introduced two pieces of legislation that would pretty much end every Americans right to freedom.  Scott Brown who supports legislation to strip those of their citizenship as deemed an Enemy of the State is less than “family values”.  In so much that he posed nude for a magazine spread.  Not very Christian.

Now we have Mark Souder – good ridence.  Now I understand that no one is perfect but these people were put into office to serve the American people, not have various affairs.  Souder has said that he came out and resigned because he doesn’t want this to be a political football for the Dems, but shouldn’t it?  Afterall, it was the Republicans that wanted Clinton out of office for having affairs, obstruction of justice, and lying under oath.

This is politics as usual.  Another attempt to do the finger pointing and laying the blame.  No wonder the American people are tired of the system.

  1. LOUDelf says:

    “Joseph Lieberman who was kicked out of the Democratic party ”

    He wasn’t kicked out. He lost in the Democratic primary, but came back as a 3rd party candidate and won the general election.

  2. waylon1776 says:

    He lost the Democratic primary, and thusly, could not run as a Democrat. He was “kicked out” so to speak. I should have been more specific. Thank you for contributing.

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