Batman and Iron Man put Spiderman back in his crib!

When I first heard that Hollywood was going to remake the Batman series, I thought, oh, no, not the nipples!  But, you know what, Batman Begins did not dissapoint, and not just because the suit was nippless, but because it had so much of a story to it.  Questions were answered as to how he got the cave so close to his home?  Where – as Jack Nicholson in the original Batman with Michael Keaton said – Where does he get all of those wonderful toys?  Through the remake, we can begin to understand the relationship that Alfred and Bruce had.

Batman Begins would go on to gross $370 million dollars.

I went to see The Dark Knight twice.  The cast of characters, the story line, along with the movie kept the audience watching.  But maybe this time Batman wasn’t the focal point of the movie.  The Joker was.  Not just because Heath Ledger died but because he brought a certain rawness to the character, a more reality.  It is hard to believe that a man can get dropped in a vat of chemicals and come out a homocidal maniac.  Ledgers Joker had a much more in depth explination for reasons why he was the way he was.  And it is a performance that I think no actor in Hollywood in the next twenty years will be able to match, and for that matter, no person on You Tube who video tapes themselves doing their impersinations because they have no time on their hands will ever top it.

The Dark Knight grossed $533, 345,358 domestically, and over $1 billion dollars worldwide.

Iron Man went through alot of the motions that Batman Begins did; the story line, the plot, the “how he became a super hero”.  While the movie displays great action, I don’t think that Iron Man was in his suit enough.  However, like the newest Batman series, this super hero did not disappoint.

I went to see Iron Man 2 last night and…well…it kicked ass!  Iron Man was in his suit alot more, their was a certain amount of danger that led you to wonder whether or not Iron Man would be okay.  If you haven’t seen it, I am not going to tell you what that is.  It has a superb cast of characters, Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert Downey, Jr., Don Cheadle (he plays the better Colonel Rhodes, Justin Hammer who plays that annoying guy who is one of Iron Man’s enemies.

Gary Shandling plays Senator Stern, a guy you would really like to vote out of office.  Mickey Rourke rounds out the cast as Whiplash.  Iron Man’s newest enemy and the one man that can give him a taste of his own medicine.  In its first weekend Iron Man 2 has grossed almost $130 million dollars.

Even though Spider Man 3 made over $336 million in the United States, it really doesn’t relate to how repetitive, and boring the script was.  Once again M.J. and Peter are locked in a battle of love and they can’t decide if they love one another.  “I love you…no…I don’t love you.”  Maybe M.J. should have met her demise in the second installment.  Or maybe if they would have changed the script around in the third one dramatically and had her killed off in the beginning by Venom.

New Goblin still wants to tear Spider Man’s head off and still having no luck at it.  The New Goblin should have been killed off at the end of the second one or at the beginning of the third one.  Get the battle over with already.

Venom didn’t have enough time in this movie, and I am not talking about the black suit being on Peter, that doesn’t count, I am talking about the suit being on Topher Grace.  Venom should have been in at least half of the movie.

Sandman was an okay addition.  But Spider Man forgiving?  Super heroes aren’t supposed to forgive.  They’re supposed to grind their enemies bones into dust.  But then again, maybe Spidey realized that he couldn’t beat the Sandman and figured, what the heck, come here big guy.

So far, as I have seen, there are no plans for a fourth installment.  Go back to bed Spidey, let the big boys play.


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