Knowing: Movie review

Lucinda Embry plays a disturbed child.  Quiet, dark, and withdrawn from other classmates, Lucinda has a personality all her own.  Did I mention that she hears voices in her head?  And she’s not the only one.

While trying not to give too much away, Lucinda writes down a series of numbers that on first glance look as though she pulled them out of the air.  This paper, along with other pictures that children drew, are put in a time capsule to opened fifty years later.  But on futher inspection Nicolas Cage’s character finds that they are a prediction of events that have happened over the course of fifty years.

One thing leads to another and Cage finds that the earth as we know it is going to end.  If you haven’t seen this movie yet I won’t give away the ending, except to say that it is not what you will expect.

If you enjoy Sci-fi, suspence, mystery, and action – this is a movie for you, possibly a buy.

I give it a solid A.


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