Shooter Jennings: The occult have their grips on us.

Andrew W. Griffin
Red Dirt Report
Thursday, Sept 17th, 2009

OKLAHOMA CITY – We here at Red Dirt Report closely follow the Texas/Red Dirt/country scene and one of the artists considered part of that scene is the guitar-playing son of the late, great Waylon Jennings. That is Shooter Jennings. We’ve seen him live and he puts on a heckuva live show.

Back in the fall of 2007, Shooter released an album called The Wolf, which RDR did not particularly care for. We knew Shooter Jennings was capable of better music.

At the time, I wrote about The Wolf in The Norman Transcript: “Not quite sure what the rebel son of Waylon Jennings is trying to achieve here. Compared to his last album, Electric Rodeo, this release is simply howling at the moon.”

Yes, The Wolf was not nearly as inspired as his first two albums with The .357’s. Checking out his website and some YouTube sites, it sounds like Shooter Jennings has drifted away from country music and is embracing more of a rock sound, even changing the name of his band to “Hierophant” which comes from the Tarot and is an esoteric figure known to show seekers the truth.

Well, Shooter, who tonight plays the First Council Casino in Newkirk, Okla. with fellow truth-seeker Willie Nelson, was on The Alex Jones Show this afternoon, telling that wide audience that he was a big fan of Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. It was through that show had become interested in the research of British truthseeker David Icke and ultimately discovered Alex Jones and his infiltration of Bohemian Grove back in 2000.

“We used a sound clip on a song (“Summer of Rage”) from Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove,” Shooter said. “The funeral pyre … it was a trip, man. Watched it ten times. It freaked me out.”

Added Shooter on “Summer of Rage”: “I really feel it’s an anthem for people who listen to your show,” Jennings said, adding that not all of the new album is as heavy, that it will incorporate themes related to two people coming together for a greater good.

“About the importance of truth and about the importance of two people connecting,” Shooter said.

And regarding Jones and Icke and Noory, Shooter said that was only a portion of what led Shooter down the path to the truth. An avid reader, like Willie Nelson, Shooter is continuing to seek the truth while trying new music styles.

On Shooter’s new album, set to be released by Universal South Records in early 2010, the sound is decidedly more rock oriented. Playing the dark and ominous “Wake Up” on The Alex Jones Show, the song sounds a lot like Pink Floyd. This was a world exclusive. Jones later played the fairly well-know Southern rock-styled song, “Gone to Carolina” from the Electric Rodeo album.

And “waking up” is what Shooter has done and is hoping more people will follow suit.

“We’re waiting for the (new) album to come out,” Shooter said. “The album is rooted in what we’re about. Truth and waking up. We want to promote something that will awaken some people.”

Jones asked Shooter about how he woke up to what is going on with the global elite and the New World Order.

“My kind of awakening was in the past three years,” Shooter said. “For me, after I asorbed all of it. Made me think of the world differently. I had a daughter and began to realize the importance of truth and being a true person. I had to dig and had to find. I studied the Masons, books on the occult, the terminology. Brought me to be a completely different person,” he told Jones.

And it’s not surprising that Shooter has an interest in the occult. His most recent release, a greatest hits package, was titled Bad Magick: The Best of Shooter Jennings and the .357’s.

It was through that personal research that led Shooter to see that the globalist system that is being installed is dangerous and deadly and that his father would have been appalled by what is happening.

“(My father, Waylon Jennings) had a very individual political view,” Shooter said. “He recognized when things were done right and wrong.”

“It’s great to hear from Waylon Jennings’ son that he would be on board with this,” said Jones.

Shooter added that “there’s a farce going on” and that America is “closer and closr to being in the grip of the United Nations. It’s serious.”

Asked by Jones about the swine flu and the government-inspired panic surrounding it, Shooter replied, “Don’t get me started about the vaccine. They’ll keep vaccinating everybody. The donkey flu will be next.”

Jones added that he and the Infowarriors at the Austin, Texas headquarters love Waylon Jennings.

Shooter was appreciative and replied, “Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re inspiring a lot of people.”

Shooter Jennings will be touring into next year and will be touring with JJ Grey and Mofro, a Florida group that incorporates gritty funk, juke joint romps, contemplative country-soul and blistering rock music.


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