FEMA Camps, idefinate interrogation, and a massive dose of cyanide to the Constitution!

What if you lived in a country where the military staged random road blocks and checkpoints on highways and interstates?  What if you lived in a country where the military conducted urban military takeovers where its citizens were the targets and thrown in mock detention centers?

What if you lived in a country where you cell phones, computers and television sets monitored everything you’ve watched just for all of the information to go to the intelligence apparatus?  What if your government had legislation for internment camps, and had plans that called for the “mass movements of civilian populations”, and not even men like Glenn Beck could debunk this?

What if your government had legislation on the books to watch your every step, detain you, interrogate you, and prosecute you indefinitely?  What if you are considered and Enemy of the State and stripped of your citizenship, and thusly, stripped of your Constitutional rights?

Does this sound like the Soviet Union to you?  Or even Nazi Germany?  Well, its neither.  It is the United States government saying all of these things, and don’t think that just because you are a good old model American citizen that they don’t have their eye on you. 

If you’re not for us, you’re against us…

Spoken by the former President George W. Bush, this statement galvanized in the American peoples minds that whoever doesn’t like us must be terrorists or sponsors there of, and must be dealt with accordingly.

The Bush administration went rampant with the term “terrorism” forcing fear in the hearts of the American people.  Snowballed into thinking that they can forfeit some rights but not all sent a massive dose of cyanide into the veins of the Constitution.

Feeding off of the American peoples fear of Arabs or Muslims, the Bush administration was able to push through its agenda of invading and occupying Iraq .  An invasion that was planned months before 9/11.  Promised that the war would be won easily, would be cheap, and that weapons of mass destruction would most certainly be found, George W. Bush had his war, and even though Democrats liked to parade around that we needed to “leave”, no such immediate plan has been forth coming.

George W. Bush has been called the man that saved America, but what they don’t realize is that we lost more rights under him than any president since FDR.

FEMA Camps, and the suspension of the Constitution…

FEMA Camps are real.  Mock military urban takeovers are real.  If you don’t believe me google it on your computer.  Better yet I will post some videos on here for you to watch…they won’t be long.

Last year the Missouri Information Analysis Center, better known as the MIAC Report told policemen to be on the watch for people having “anti-government” bumper stickers, or third-party candidates, for they might be militia members.

If I am not mistaken it is an American’s right to be anti-government.  In fact, it says so in the Declaration of Independence.  As a final thought I am going to leave you with: your government doesn’t trust you, why should you trust them?

Enjoy the videos!


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