Obama’s eligibility in question

I must admit that I haven’t pursured these “birther” conspiracy theories like others have, but here are some points that one writer makes that can cause people to scratch their heads in wonder.

– Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party did not certify that Obama qualified to run as a candidate for President of the U.S., but only that Obama was the Democratic Party candidate;

– the news media previously and numerously referred to Obama as “Kenya-born” before he ran for President. Afterwards, “Kenya-born” was dropped;

– Obama has spent over 2 million dollars in hiding what they say exists (his birth certificate) and supposedly have in hand;

– the Justice Department is doing everything they possibly can to keep Americans from pursing Obama’s eligibility in court;

– federal judges have dismissed over 400 hundred court cases on Obama’s eligibility, ruling that these citizens do not have standing to know who is acting as President of the U.S.;

– Michelle Obama has described Barak’s home as being the country of Kenya.

Here is a link for the entire article: http://www.newswithviews.com/Timothy/baldwin133.htm


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