Ron Paul, the GOP, and the Tea Parties

Most recently in March registered voters in were asked which congressional canidate they would be more inclined to vote for, 47% said Democratic while 44% said Republican; 1% said other while 8% made up the “don’t care” category.

This is in sharp contrast to the popularity that the Dems felt in 2008  when they took a large control of the Congress.  Disenfranchised by eight years of the Bush Administration, voters flocked to the “reform” party.  If Americans were anything like me they would be against the illegal and unconstitutional conflicts in the Middle East, the intrusive nature of the Bush administration, debts and deficits, the list goes on.

What I think Americans realize we got was more of the same thing.  As most of you know in a straw poll Mitt Romney took first place with 439 votes, Ron Paul came in second with 438 votes, Sarah Palin third, and Newt Gingrich came in dead last.

Watch the video link of Ron Paul on CNN:


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