No love for Ann Coulter in Canada. That’s too bad.

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Current Events, News, Politics
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Given Ann Coulter’s laundry list of “nasty not niceness” comments in the past, can anyone really blame the University of Ottawa for sending her a warning of “hate speech”?  They didn’t say “you cannot come here” or “stay away, you blankity-blank.”  No, they just simply said no derogatory words to individuals or groups.

With Canada having some of the strongest hate speech laws in the world, Ann Coulter should know better than being her normal self.  When the University of Ottawa doesn’t want her there, and her other speeches get canceled, suddenly Ann Coulter is the victim.

Claiming that her right to free speech in Canada has, in a way, been suspended, she goes on the defensive.  Should someone remind her that she’s not in Kansas anymore?  There’s a complete difference between the U.S. and Canada.  But I guess that this sort of realization goes beyond her train of thought.

Now I am not saying that Ann Coulter should be nice, and I am most certainly not for hate speech laws (they are only a tool for tyranny), but c’mon, Ann.  You cannot have a whole history of bigoted, judgemental comments (she said Timothy McVeigh should bomb the New York Times building, just a reminder), commenting on peoples personal appearance, and not expect some sort of blowback. 

The same sort of free speech Ann Coulter endorses is the same free speech that liberals have a right to.  But in Ann Coulter’s world (Kansas) this world just doesn’t exist.

  1. nswfm says:

    Thank you for this. I’ve never paid much attention to M’Ann Coulter or D’Ann Coulter until lynnrockets’ blog, but watching this CBC video with out the sound so you can concentrate on the Adam’s apple is very telling here. Especially when you look at the brunette in comparison…wow!

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