The Constitution is crying. I wonder why?

If we look at the Constitution it is, in fact, a libertarian document, and for good reason.  Against the better wishes of the American people, President Obama and the Democrats in Congress rammed home the healthcare reform bill.  When it couldn’t pass the Constitutional mandate, they used a thing called reconciliation.  Which up to this point I have no idea what that is and further more, I had not even heard of it to begin with before the healthcare debate.

As one man explained to me they make up these rules to pass legislation that aren’t really Constitutional to begin with and act like they are law.  But for now, we are going into a different topic.  A little while ago I posted a article written by former Constitution candidate for president Chuck Baldwin.  In it he rips into John McCain and his bill with Joe Lieberman S. 3081.  It is called the Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010.

No doubt this bill will be used as a tool to “defend America from terrorism”.  But in a “war” where we are trying to “free” peoples of other nations from tyranny and give them a taste of freedom, we are losing many in our own country.  Lets be clear on one thing – this bill does not distinguish between enemy combatants and United States citizens.  Under the Constitution we are guaranteed our rights.  Despite any circumstance can they be ripped away.  Here is a excerpt from the bill.

(1) poses a threat of an attack on civilians or civilian facilities within the U.S. or U.S. facilities abroad; (2) poses a threat to U.S. military personnel or U.S. military facilities; (3) potential intelligence value; (4) is a member of al Qaeda or a terrorist group affiliated with al Qaeda or (5) such other matters as the President considers appropriate.

The bill also says this…

 “The High-Value Detainee Interrogation Team must submit its determination to the Secretary of Defense and the Attorney General after consultation with the Director of National Intelligence, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. The Secretary of Defense and the Attorney General make a final determination and report the determination to the President and the appropriate committees of Congress. In the case of any disagreement between the Secretary of Defense and the Attorney General, the President will make the determination,” states the bill.

The ACLU has called this piece of legislation “a direct attack on the Constitution”.  No doubt there will be backlash among the Neo-con crowd calling opposers of this bill “soft on terrorism”.  But is that the real point?  Before you go and say, “well, I’m not planning to blow up the government.”  That’s not the point.  It is the principle of the issue and that issue is the Constitution, and remember, as I have pointed out before, this bill does not distinguish between American and non-American.

“Torture, indefinite imprisonment, secret trials and limited staged hearings are the stuff of cheap dictatorships,” writes Ian McColgin. “They are the sort of idiocy we scorned in the Soviets, the Koreans and the Vietnamese. It is astonishing that we have senators and citizens even discussing this bill which is not a capitulation to terrorism – it’s the triumph of terrorism.”

As I have pointed out earlier on previous posts, FEMA detention centers in this country are being planned.  There are plenty of videos of the sites, Glenn Beck was going to report on them, and Alex Jones has covered the story.  Here is an article for your perusal:


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