Ron Paul: Healthcare bill bad economic policy, bad moral policy, and un-Constitutional law!

First, the healthcare bill was 1,990 pages long and most of the politicians in Congress admitted to not reading it.  This bill has gone through how many votes?  When the Democrats couldn’t get the bill passed they tried practice votes, then reconciliation, and some Democrats who wanted to withdraw support were basically ransomed by President Obama.

Congressman Ron Paul explains his moral, Constitutional, and economic objections to the healthcare bill.  I would have to agree with him on alot of things. 

His moral objections are that it is not right for government to take money out of some else’s pocket to pay for someone’s healthcare.  I am riding the fence on this one.  Hasn’t most of America used this type of healthcare system?  I know that I have.  Don’t we owe it to the babies and sick children to give them cheap and affordable healthcare?  I honestly don’t mind paying some sort of tax to make sure a baby gets its shots.

I went to the doctor for an earache today – $105.  Just for me to sit in the waiting room for over an hour, wait some more, then get told there is nothing they can do.  Isn’t something missing here?  Are there any easy answers to mankinds complexities?  With the troubles that this healthcare bill has (Dennis Kucinich has problems with it), is there any real logic that this bill can be passed and fixed later down the road?

His economic and Constitutional objections are clear.  There is no written clause in the Constitution on “healthcare”.  At a price tag of $300 billion or more, the basis of this is more money being spent, more money being borrowed, more taxes needed to pay back the debt.

Watch the clip.


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