Secession anyone? States are filing their Tenth Amendment rights.

Do you remember when you watched Disney’s A Bug’s Life?  And do you remember when Hopper (the bad grasshopper leader) threw a piece of grain at his minions and asked if that hurt.  “Are you kidding me?” they joked back. 

Then after a couple more of those measely grains, Hopper yanks off the “grain tap” and lets the grain bury his comrades.  Then he says, “If one of those ants stands up then they all might stand up.  Those ants outnumber us a hundred to one, and if they figure that out, there goes our way of life!”

That’s the way the government looks at us.  They don’t care about the Constitution, our rights or us.  All they care about is the “continuity of government”.  That’s right – keeping their asses out of a sling and us content and under control.  Why do you think you are seeing commercials funded by the government saying “fill out the census so your state gets the funding it deserves.”

A number of states have filed their Tenth Amendment states rights, and while I think that the vast majority of these measures will probably go nowhere, this is the first step in a long time of the Union saying no to Big Brother.

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2 thoughts on “Secession anyone? States are filing their Tenth Amendment rights.

  1. Right winged America basically says “We want democracy, as long as democracy only allows right wingers to win elections. If left wingers win the election, we’ll set up ignorant ‘tea parties’ and threaten to secede.”

    1. These “ignorant Tea Parties” that you speak of were originally formed to support Ron Paul, a man who has proved his whole career to be devoted to smaller government. It’s not just right-wingers angry with the government, people from the left are raising questions, because freedom unites peoples all across the board more than what big brother ever could.

      The left is not just at fault here, I believe that the right has done their fair share of damage. As the United States of America, we the people, are to blame for letting these people stay in office and continue to lie. As the declaration of independence charges us, the American people have the authority to overthrow the government when government comes to the point of despostism. Granted the government is not running down the American people and shooting them in the streets at the moment (for more look at John McCain’s two new bills in Congress, they are here on my blog), but the basic point is, is that secession is the right of the people. To hold government accountable, these are the greatest tools that the people have.

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