Whose fault is it anyway?

The website www.thefreedictionary.com describes a person who has a polarized political position as this:  to cause people to adopt extreme opposing positions.

Watch this video of Sean Hannity and Jesse Ventura.  You will see the deflection methods they use to protect the good ol’ boy George W. Bush.  But afterall, he kept us safe after 9/11.

So whose fault is it anyway?  Bill Clinton’s for not popping bin Laden when he had the chance?  Or maybe it was Bush’s for not doing the same in the same amount of time?  If you remember correctly, bin Laden made quite a few cameo appearances over the Bush term.  It was Ann Coulter who said that bin Laden was “insignificant”.

If you think that Sean Hannity is beyond distorting people’s words, watch this.

Enough said.  As long as there are people like Sean Hannity out there, I will be right here.


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