Resolution to pull troops out of Afghanistan is voted down

The resolution started by the congressman from Ohio Dennis Kucinich which was aimed at invoking the War Powers Act of 1973 was voted down.  The “anti-war” rhetoric that Democrats like to throw around isn’t so “anti-war”.  189 Democrats 167 Republicans opposed the bill.  Five Republicans and sixty Democrats supported the measure.

The War Powers Act was an attempt by the Congress to reign in some of the powers abused by the executive branch and the various intelligence agencies.  Most notably Richard Nixon.  Whom in 1973 illegally sent bombers into Cambodia. 

In recent years the American government has taken measures and initiatives that may affect our foreign policy for decades to come: an invasion of Iraq on the faultiest of evidence and of which we armed in the 1980’s (including biological weapons), torture policies, aiding dictators of radical Islamic countries.

My main point, as is all the other times, is this; ignorance of the foreign policy as set forth in the Constitution has brought us to the very pinnacle of corruption.  The CIA along with the various intelligence agencies and military industrial complex has been able to fly under the radar and conduct policies that are un-American.  Taking into consideration that the CIA has influence from Wall Street and the likes of the Council on Foreign Relations, one could also assume that the CIA is also in the business of propoganda.  I would recommend Jim Marrs’ book Rule by Secrecy for a good read.

Congress needs to take their Constitutional obligation to foreign policy seriously or else imagine where we will be in ten years.


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