Eric Lawyer and the Fire Fighters for 9/11 Truth

In a speech to fellow fire fighters and supporters, Eric Lawyer details how the Bush Administration and the various agencies of the federal government destroyed any chance the American people had at a thorough and honest investigation into the attacks of September 11, 2001.  Evidence was carried away quickly and without any kind of investigation (scrap metal was sent to China).  Molten metal laying in the ruins of the Twin Towers were never investigated.  Only thermite an ingredient used in controlled demolitions could cause molten steel.

Tower 7 fell with no impact of an airplane.  With damage from flying debris Tower 7 collapsed in its own footprint.  Which leads me to ask this question: If towers one and two and building seven can fall from air liner impacts and superficial wounds, why is it that buildings three, four, five, and six’s core structures stayed intact? 

More importantly, there were buildings closer to the towers than building seven, and I’ve seen footage and photographs of large chunks of steel jutting out from the facade’s of these building, so why didn’t they collapse?  These are questions by the American public that have long been forgotten.

Have you seen a 757 impacting the Pentagon?  I haven’t.  Out of the multitude of video tapes of the crash only a few have been released, and not a single one show a Boeing 757 impacting the Pentagon.  All of these tapes should have been made public to the American public for accountability and investigation.

Alarge crater in the ground?  Tiny pieces of debris?  Now I’ve seen plane crashes on television and there is definite evidence of a plane crash.  What do you see?


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