Ron Paul – The government is broken!

Anyone with a lick of sense can see that the rotors that turn the wheels in Washington are broken.  The lights are on but nobody is home – so to speak.  Today the United States government is faced with the inevitable fact of bankruptcy. 

America’s foreign presence and foreign aid demands that we spend over $1 trillion dollars a year, and in the process, we shoot ourselves in the foot.  As pointed out by Rand Paul (son of Ron Paul) who is running for the Senate in Kentucky, in trying to buy the oppositions support in Afghanistan, the American government, your government is using your tax dollars and in a lot of cases borrowed dollars to give to Taliban members in return a pledge from them that they will not fight against us.  Still don’t believe me?  Watch the video in my post Politics to Paul-itics and you will see.

There’s a reason the dollar is crashing and why the economy has not bounced back from the collapse of last year.  Too much money being spent and printed, unbalanced budgets, and too many deficits.

Before too long our national debt will exceed $14 trillion dollars and at that point every American will have $45,000 placed on their pretty little heads.  I hate to beat a dead horse, I really do, but there are some people out there who just don’t get it.

Depending on your source (mine is Gallup) President Obama’s approval rating hovers around fifty percent, while Congress’ approval rating is much lower at about twenty percent.  Seventy-five percent of the American people do not want the kind of healthcare reform that the Obama administration and the Democrats promise, and yet they still want to hammer some kind through.  In fact, they have gone through many revisions of healthcare reform.

The basic premise is this: people are waking up to the inaccuracies of Washington.  The debt, unbalanced budgets, un-Constitutional and out-of-control wars, violations of civil rights, behind closed doors meeting (I cringe when I hear this), the list goes on.  The world isn’t perfect, it will never be perfect, but we can make the best of it while we are here.


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