President of the United States – Commander-in-Chief?

A friend of mine sent me an email not long ago explaining that he heard on the radio of a man saying that the president being “Commander-in-Chief” is a twentieth century myth.  That he is only the C-in-C in times of war.  War that is given to the Congress in the Constitution under article one, section eight, paragraph eleven.

This got me to thinking.  What if he was right?  What wars, entanglements, and back alley deals when considered under the Constitution would be illegal?  Would the Korean War be one?  No declaration of war under Congress was ever made.  Maybe Vietnam also?  What about the Iran-Contra scandal?  Or the bombs, bullets, and biological weapons that the CIA gave Iraq in the ’80s?  What of George W. Bush’s borrowed billions from China just to turn around and give to a military dictatorship?

When held under the microscope, would these violations in contrast to the Constitution be illegal?  More importantly, would the men accountable be tried for violating the “Supreme law of the Land”?  Treason perhaps?

The very fact that the two long-lasting engagements (Iraq and Afghanistan) that were created under the same sort of circumstances, is proof that the same ignorance of the Constitution is alive and well.

Every politician pledges to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and most Americans believe them, but hardly anyone knows what it means.


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