Sarah Palin – Political hypocrite

After blistering President Obama on many issues – fighting terrorism, the economy, energy, and, oh yes, teleprompters – Sarah Palin provided me the prove that I need that says that she has no idea what her positions are.

Granted President Obama uses teleprompters and that’s just so he doesn’t make the same speech mistakes like Bush.  On second thought, teleprompters wouldn’t help Bush.  But a number of politicains can tell you without looking at cards, or as in Palin’s case her hand, what their positions are.  Ron Paul: anti-war, anti-Federal Reserve, pro-Constitution, pro-civil liberties, and he can name these right off the top of his head.  Need I say more?

In case you were wondering, here are the things that were written on her palm: Energy, Budget cuts (with “Budget” crossed out), Tax, Lift American Spirits. 

In a snide remark about the president, Palin said, “We want our country back!”  Bush had eight years to wreck this country and Obama has only been in for one year.  Which one weighs more?  By the way, how does she plan to get our country back?

  • End state sanctioned torture?
  • Do as President Obama and end the conflict in Iraq?  No, hold on for a minute, the puppeteers that pulled the strings on Bush would pull the same ones on her – Stay The Course!
  • Stop corporate welfare unlike Bush and Obama?
  • Would she consult Congress on Declarations of War before invading a country?

This is just a wish list of mine that is not likely to come true.  Undoubtedly she is one of the ones crying out for “smaller government”.  This is driving me nuts.  I don’t know how anyone cannot see that the attacks on Obama for foreign policy, healthcare, terrorism, and the Christmas day attempt (just name a few), is just party politics.  It’s a smoke screen.  Open your eyes and see the deceit.


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