Passage of Audit the Federal Reserve bill doubtful

In another example of the power that the Federal Reserve holds, Washington “insiders” say that Congressman Ron Paul’s bill to order a full audit of the Fed by Congress is in doubt.  Created in 1911 and passed into law in 1913, the Federal Reserve is held under the tightest of secrecy.  Here is what had to say:

A similar 74 percent of insiders believe Congress will not pass legislation requiring an audit of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. The Fed has come under heavy criticism this year for its role in propping up the economy and carrying out bailouts of major financial institutions. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke received the fewest votes in favor of his confirmation of any Fed chairman….

The FD survey included 300 insiders working in lobbying, government, media, nonprofits and think tanks, among other associations. The poll was conducted between Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 with an error margin of 5.7 percent….


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