President Obama talks swiftly; offers little chage

I watched part of the president’s speech last night, and while I agree with him on some issues, I am still not convinced that he will bring the real change that we need.  Here are the things that I liked:

  1. His desire to withdraw forces from Iraq – 2011 I believe he said.  They should have been withdrawn a long time ago, however, if he cannot get this to pass, the anti-war protesters won’t be likely to forget it.
  2. Nuclear power is truly one of the cleanest sources of energy, and when handled properly, is very efficient.  Not to mention it would create more jobs.
  3. I liked his condemnation of the Supreme Court’s decision to allow lobbyists and corporations to buy politicians.  Like they haven’t been doing it for years.

While President Obama blasted Bush for high deficit spending and increased debt, I find improbable that this will change.  As Yahoo reports the Democrats needed all 60 votes to push the United States $1.9 trillion deeper in debt; placing the national debt at $14.3 trillion, that’s about $45,000 per American.

 We have gone to the restaurant, we have eaten the meal. Now the only question is whether the government will … pay the bill, said Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont.

When he says “whether the government will…pay the bill” he is meaning you and me.  This money comes from various banks, countries (China), but mostly the Federal Reserve.  Today the Treasury Secretary can go into the Fed office in Washington D.C. and say, “I need $1 billion.”  No problem.  The Fed writes the check, loans it to the government, puts interest on it, and the American people pay it back.

Now when this happens, not only do we have to pay back money printed out of thin air, but the government has to pay back the money to keep the program running if they should choose to.  This is a snowball effect that has gotten out of control.

Why $1.9 trillion? said Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H. So that Congress doesn’t have to face up to the debt ceiling until after the next election. We ought to face up to it before the next election because the people in this country have a right to know whether or not this Congress is going to do something about controlling … the debt.

Where in the hell were the fiscal conservatives when Bush was in office ramming everything down our throats?  Now they’ve come out of the wood work equating President Obama to the devil.  Doesn’t anyone realize that nothing ever changes.


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