Hands off Bush!

We’ve all heard about the controversial decision on the part of the Supreme Court.  I even have it here on my blog.  And it seems as when the Bush bashers waited for every occasion to have a bashing party, Obama bashers do the same thing.  Now I am not an Obama fan, I probably won’t vote for him in 2012, but enough is enough.

In a neutral attempt, my brother-in-law brough up the issue, and the chaos began.  In Ann Coulter style, my mom started and wouldn’t let anyone have a word edge wise.  I don’t agree with Obama’s foreign policy – it’s just like Bush’s.  The “pullout” drum that the Dem’s were beating seems to be put away in storage.

I find myself laughing when I hear the conservative pundits preaching “smaller government”.  These are still people that chant “Constitution this” and “Constitution that”, while the whole time they support an un-Constitutional foreign policy.  The only thing that these people understand from the Constitution is the Second Amendment.  I am sorry, but when we are supposed to be fighting an enemy that is all over the world, and at the same time arming them, I cannot support a foreign policy such as that.  While Obama picks up the blame from the “conservatives”, here are some things about Bush that they dare not remember:

  • Compared to other presidents, Bush is the most expensive.
  • He led us into a war with the faultiest of evidence.
  • He borrowed billions from China and gave it Pakistan.
  • He created and sanctioned torture.
  • We have lost more rights under Bush since FDR.
  • Between 2002 and 2006 the FBI obtained private phone records illegally. (Bush White House)
  • The Bush administration deliberately deleted millions of emails.

Mention any of these things to a Bush lover and all is forgiven.  While Obama’s track record will follow him to his grave.  I’m not a fan of Obama, but give the guy some credit, he walked into a mess: a faltering economy, an overstretched foreign presence, and corruption out the ass.

Like I said, I am not a fan of Obama, in fact, I think that his policies are just like Bush’s on steriods and will do nothing to solve our problems, but c’mon.  Are we really doing any justice to ourselves by comparing a president who has only been in office for one year to a president who has had eight years to reak havoc, and might I mention that his administration was rocked with scandal?

The inevitable outcome is, is that the American people have a short memory span, and it seems that there would be those that would still like to bless Bush with sainthood.


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