FBI broke law for years to gain phone searches!

Any American who loves their country and distrusts the government should

Can you guess what he is thinking?

 be irate at this.  As the Washington Post reports, between 2002 and 2006 the FBI illegally collected over 2,000 U.S. phone records either by falsifying terror alert levels, or simply persuading phone companies to comply.

The fact that the FBI flagrantly ignored laws set in place to justify the balance of government and protect our civil rights, and there are still people out there who say, “I can live with that.”  Or, “I can live without some rights,” is beyond me.

I find impossible to believe that the good ol’ boy President George W. Bush was completely ignorant of this.  The fact that people still believe that he was one of the best presidents in recent memory need to pull there heads out of the sand and need to wake up.  FBI general counsel Valeri Caproni had this to say:

We should have stopped those requests from being made that way.

The after-the-fact approvals were a “good-hearted but not well-thought-out” solution to put phone carriers at ease, she said (taken directly from the source).  She would later add:

What this turned out to be was a self-inflicted wound.

I stand by original conviction that under no circumstance does anything justify government snooping, or any kind of subversion of our Constitutional and civil rights.  America can be protected just as well by a strict following of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 




7 thoughts on “FBI broke law for years to gain phone searches!

  1. I agree with you 100%. I get a kick out of the Tea-Baggers who are suddenly so upset at the thought of having their rights taken away by Obama. Truth be told, Obama has not taken away their gun rights, has not (at least as of yet) taxed the working class and has not promoted kangaroo court trials outside of our established legal framework.

    On the other hand, Bush and co. rammed through the Patriot Act which reduced our rights more than any other single piece of legislation I can remember. Tapping our phones, monitoring our library activity, restricting our travel to friendly Canada via new passport requirements, the re-institution of ethnic profiling, torture, secret renditions to torturing nations and monitoring of our personal banking transactions. Where were the Tea-Baggers then?

    1. I probably agree with you more often than what I would with the conservative propagandists. So maybe that makes me a liberal. I do, afterall, have asperations of naming my next son after President Kennedy. I’ve been called a “liberal-conservative”, so maybe its true.

    2. Aussie Blue Sky

      You’re overlooking the fact that the NSA is recording every.single.call.and.email.on.the.planet.

      They have been doing it for years without permission. My own government has never breathed a word about it to the people – but I can even tell you what systems and hardware are being used to eavesdrop on us.

      How would you feel knowing someone else’s government (and not your own) was recording all of your calls?

      The Shadow Factory. Read it.

      1. Thanks for the comment. To be honest, I haven’t forgotten about the NSA. An agency so secret, it’s been called the No Such Agency. And, yes, it would be very irratating for another man’s country to have the power to watch your every move, even if you don’t mean any harm. I think that the movie Enemy of the State is a great example of this.

        I think that it is a pretty sad thing that the American people have gotten to a point where they don’t care about their rights. These rights are the very line that seperates us from internment camps – if you want to get extreme about it. Corruption has deep roots in the United States government – Operation Northwoods, Iran-Contra scandal, the Garden Plot, and Rex-84, and God knows what else there are. But Obama says that he will weed out the corruption, I’ll believe that when I see it.

        Thanks for the book tip, by the way.

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