Cub Scout cannot get off terrorist watch list!

Bigger government is the answer?  This is the kind of America we want?

The picture to the right is an inverted pentagram in the streets Washington D.C.  I just thought that I would throw that in. 

When Press for Truth went to Washington D.C. they were harrased by “policemen” who would not identify their agencies.  Freedom of the people?


3 thoughts on “Cub Scout cannot get off terrorist watch list!

  1. Nate

    Yes. Yes this is the “kind of America we want”. I want the kind of America where I can get on a plane and not worry that someone is on there with a bomb. I want my American government to do everything in its power to protect its citizens on its home soil. It is, however, a massive undertaking to assure 100% security in an open society, and sometimes things fail. It failed on Christmas when, if it were not for some bad chemistry, we’d have a disaster, and it apparently failed with this little scamp on the Watch List. But those failures happen when you are dealing with the huge, massive monolith that is any federal government. I’m ok with taking the occasional failure if it means you and I can get on a plane tomorrow and know we will land in one piece.

    1. Failure is expected, nothing is perfect. My question is, however, do the American people want a world where even Americans are put on a watch list? Afterall, we were not the ones to use aircraft as missiles. The true failure was when the guv’ment stepped in and removed U.S. Marshals from aircraft, opening the door terrorists.

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