Should the President of the United States campaign for other politicians?

We’ve seen it time and time again – president’s campaigning to help those of the same party gain office.  George W. Bush did it often.  However, my question is, is it really their job, and should the President of the United States be allowed to be a “stumper”?

Afterall, I don’t think that it is in their job description, and that is not what the American people hired them for.  Obviously presidents do this to help further their own agenda instead of having confindence in the American people. 

With every administration there is great debate on whether or not the Supreme Court justice appointed is “qualified” for the job, and by “qualified” they mean how will they serve the interests of the party?  But in reality, shouldn’t the question be asked “how will they serve the American people?”  Or “how will they serve the Constitution?”

Another point I would like to make is term limits on Congress.  With the recent revelation that members both Democrat and Republican are not going to run for reelection, in my opinion is a good sign.  Not because I dislike both parties, but because it opens up debate, allows others to get in, and puts a balance on power.  Men like John McCain who love the lobbiest groups should have been thrown out a long time ago.


One thought on “Should the President of the United States campaign for other politicians?

  1. Nate

    Agreed on almost all points, but it’s politics and politics was, is, and alwasy will be corrupt. There has not been one single government in all of recorded history, in any nation on earth, that hasn’t had its share of corruption and dirty dealings. It’s the power that corrupts and absolute power corrupts us absolutely, to borrow a quote. Instead of trying for that impossible goal of a corruption-free government, perhaps we should work more towards minimizing the damage that the corruption causes. Short term limits are an excellent way, in my opinion, because the longer someone is in power, the more corrupt they become. Until we elect robots to govern us, this will always be a problem. Vote Robot in 2012!

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