CNN: Government wants to hold sex offenders idefinately?

I saw on CNN today where there is talk of sex offenders being held indefinitely even after trial, conviction, and even after they serve their time.  Now as a person who is anti-government, I cannot support this.  It seems that the guv’ment looks to hold anyone they want without trial at will.  Many are asking the question “if they do this with sex offenders, where will it end?”  Robbers?  Murderers?  How much of the population will they suspend constitutional rights?

We could argue on the basis of the safety of the people, but once the rights of others are suspended we are all at risk.


4 thoughts on “CNN: Government wants to hold sex offenders idefinately?

  1. Nate

    Jesus, are you insane!?! On what planet do you live on that losers who rape and murder children still have “rights”? You know me, Waylon, I’m as pinko commie liberal as they come, but as a father I say a bullet to the head and a shallow grave is too good for people like that. No one on earth will EVER convince differently. Now, I understand there are different levels of “sex offender”, but there’s a difference between some 18 year old boy being caught having sex with his 16 year old girlfriend and some 40 year old mouthbreather who rapes and tortures a toddler for the fun of it. Feed those guys to the sharks. If you want them to have their “civic rights” then let them live next door to you, not me. Grrr!

    1. I don’t like the existance of these people anymore than you do. If you put a collar on a dog, does that keep the dog from biting? Of course not. The Bill of Rights is supposed to protect us from cruel and unusual punishment, and life in prison or the gas chamber is more than accomadating for these pieces of crap. So why do we let these people back out into the system? How effective is the registry system? Obviously not very or else this subject wouldn’t come up.

      If the law requires that someone register, fine. If the law requires someone to go in for periodic questioning, fine, but have a lawyer present. Holding these men indefinitely after they have served their sentence does not make us any safer; the threat is always still there. This might sound like someone who is raging against the government, but susupending Constitutional rights for even the smallest group of people opens a whole new door of evil – corruption.

      On a final note, the only gateway a child molestor has is lack of parental supervision (child walking to school by themselves, or to and from the grocery store, etc.). While it is not true of all women, I can about bet that a large part of rapes occur because: 1. a woman is intoxicated 2. is dressed like a hooker 3. or is at a bar. Althoug, these reasons do not justify rape, these type of women are playing in the devils back yard. I like what John Travolta said in Face/Off, “Dress up for Halloween and ghouls will try to get in your pants.”

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