Economic solution…NOT!

I was in a temp agency trying to find a job that is left in my area the other day when I heard two women talking about something that was sent over an email.  She read it to me and though I was tempted to argue the point but that’s not good to do before an interview.  So here is what the email said:

There are an estimated forty million Americans over the age of fifty.  Here is an economic stimulus package that Congress should consider.  Every worker over fifty would get 1 million dollars (households with two over fifty would get 2 million dollars), but they must follow these guidelines:

They must retire.  They must buy a house.  Housing problem fixed.  They must buy an American vehicle.  Auto industry problem fixed.

As dubious as a plan like this sounds, it would not surprise me in the coming years if a “solution” like this would arise.  I don’t know, I just can’t keep my mouth shut.  And here are my problems with this.

  1. The fact that a plan, though as I have said is dubious at best, should even come up in the minds of the American people proves that we have come too reliable on easy money.  If a program like this would actually be considered the initial cost would be anywhere from forty million to eighty million dollars.  Top it all off with the money that the American taxpayer would have to pay back (because all this would come from the Federal Reserve) and you’re looking at something around over 100 million dollars – ballpark.
  2. When the Federal Reserve prints money and loans it to the United States Government, it is printed out of thin air.  Thusly, the bankers and the governors of the Fed make money (interest) off of the money loaned.  The more money is printed, the lower the value of the dollar.  Everyday the Fed is able to shred millions of dollars proving that the U.S. dollar holds very little value, and that it is the biggest counterfeiting operation ever devised.
  3. The some-odd millions of dollars that the auto and housing and banking industry would get would only be a short-term solution for a long-term problem.  Hence, end the Federal Reserve.
  4. The very possibility that the government could buy someone’s retirement with money is just too ridiculous to argue with.  But with today’s government trying to make power grabs at every turn – who knows?

Once again, this is fictitious plan and I do not mean to incite panic – if any would be incited.  However, with the politicians, bankers and CEO’s trying to buy this nation out of debt – and when I say nation, I mean them, because they really want to cover their mistakes – who knows what could happen?  I think that it has been the philosophy of politicians for years to buy our way into prosperity but all it really has brought us is strive.


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