Giuliani forgets 9/11

In a brilliant display – of whatever it is, Giuliani has completely forgotten about domestic terrorism by saying:

We had no domestic attacks under Bush.  We’ve had one under Obama.

Giuliani has since then apologized for this saying that he meant “since 9/11”.

I can understand someone having an pinheaded moment, but wasn’t 9/11 too big for anyone to forget?  Seriously!  Not only was it one the most tragic moments in our nations history, but the aftermath has sparked controversy and conspiracy theories.

“What he should be doing is following the right things that Bush did,” he said on Good Morning America criticizing President Obama. 

Right things?  Oh, he must be talking about the country we invaded on the basis of weapons of mass destruction just to find out they don’t have any.  And when that didn’t pan out the debate was limited and the cause was turned to we can’t tuck tail and run, if we do they might come over here.  Genius, we were over there when they attacked us.  So how is sending more troops going to secure us anymore?

I concur with Ron Paul that while we did not deserve the attacks of 9/11, we did invite them by trying to spread a Pax Americana by weapons of war.  Can anyone question that the CIA torture might incite hatred?

My all time favorite is: well, it’s already a mess so we might as well stay and finish the job.  Even though the job has never been clearly defined, it is the drum that pundits like Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Glenn Beck continue to beat.  You know, the people that haven’t lost an appendage due to war but feel the need to run their mouths and they get paid millions for it.

Ignorance of the Constitution continues when Giuliani praised President Obama by saying he “turned a corner” when the president publicly declared the United States at war.  This flaunts corruption and power in the face of the Constitution who charges Congress the power to declare war.  This is something that “conservative” pundits seems to conveniently forget.


One thought on “Giuliani forgets 9/11

  1. It is astonishing that Giuliani could forget about 9/11 for two additional reasons. He was the mayor of New York when it happened. Also, as Joe O’Biden said, “There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence —
    a noun, a verb and 9/11”.

    In addition to forgetting about 9/11, he also seems to have forgotten that the Richard “Shoe Bomber” Reid event and the Anthrax attacks also happened on Bush’s watch.

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