Something for Nothing?

It’s interesting to watch the political parties go after each other over foreign policy.  The GOP did it against Clinton, the Dem’s did it against Bush, and now Dick Cheney has come out bashing Obama on foreign policy.  What’s the difference?

With each administration our presence overseas becomes larger.  The debt becomes bigger and the value of our dollar sinks lower.  Dick Cheney had his eight years in office to mess things up enough – now he just needs to do as Bush and fade away. 

I’ve heard some say “we need to use ‘smart interventionism'”.  What the hell is “smart interventionism”?  Just after 9/11 there were four countries on the terror list – now there are at least seventeen.  So what does “smart interventionism” call for?  An invasion of all the nations on the list? 

As his presidency progressed, Americans were more and more angry with Bush over the Iraqi Freedom conflict, and rightfully so.  Afterall, we were promised nukes were in the country.  That Iraq had biological weapons – only to come up empty-handed.  It is my belief – and probably many others – that McCain was not voted in because of Bush’s foreign policy.  You know, since McCain said he agreed with Bush more than ninety percent of the time.

Not to mention Obama did a great job at making McCain look like a Bush-extended president.  Now that Obama is his first year in, his approval rating goes down while Bush’s goes up.

It seems to me that everyone wants something for nothing.  We want the terrorists taken care of, but we don’t want to have to pay the hefty bill of conflict.  We want the terrorist’s dead, but we cannot stand to see the sight of our heroes falling, and who can blame us?

The fact is this, no nation in history has posed such a threat to America as Nazi Germany or Japan or the Soviet Union.  And if the American public cannot take the ramifications of our nation’s foreign policy, how do we ever expect to win anything? 

Examples such as Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and a handful of well-known but closely guarded scandals has left the American people distrustful of the government.  Every two years the opinion of the American public changes but government stays the same.

In case you don’t believe me that, that’s real picture, here’s the video:


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