The election that could leave Democrats in a frazzle!

At least eleven Democrats in Congress have said that they will not run for re-election.  This could mean probabmatic for the Dems because the GOP could take up to half, if not more than have of the vacant slots.   Over the Christmas holiday Rep. Parker Griffith defected to the GOP saying:

I can no longer align myself with a party that continues to pursue legislation that is bad for our country, hurts our economy, and drives us further and further into debt.

Though I do not consider myself either Democrat or Republican – I would have side with the GOP more often than not.  But if Mr. Griffith thinks that a GOP Congress or White House will reduce the debt, he better think again.

Over the years the GOP has run up the debt by financing bigger government, more loans, and inflating an overexpanded warfare state.  Athough, philisophically a GOP trend would mean smaller government, the reality is bigger government and more debt will continue to increase. 

One of the main causes to larger national debt is a large warfare state, and the Federal Reserve, which Congressman Ron Paul has opposed.  His son Rand Paul is running for the Senate seat in Kentucky and is enjoying a nineteen percent poll lead.

The new survey of Kentucky by Public Policy Polling (D) gives Rand Paul, a conservative activist and son of Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), a huge lead over the establishment candidate in the Republican primary for Senate in 2010.

The numbers: Rand Paul 44%, Secretary of State Trey Grayson 25%. Grayson was recruited to run in place of two-term GOP Sen. Jim Bunning, who is retiring. Paul, however, has mobilized his campaign around the Tea Party movement and his outsider conservative message.

Although Democrats may lose seats in Congress come the mid-term elections; does this mean real change?


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