Legalize Marijuana

So what if someone likes to sit on their porch, roll a doobie and smoke it.  How does that affect you?  So what if someone likes to sit in their living room and smokes marijuana from a bong.  Matthew McConaughey smokes – or at one time – smoked marijuana. 

The common defense of anit-pot supporters have is that if legalized, America will turn into Cheech and Chong.  Drug addicted, laid back, hippies whose brains are fried too much to think.  Marijuana has been called the “gateway drug”.  But is it really?

I am a Christian and I have never smoked an ounce of marijuana a day in my life.  In fact, I have never touched any kind of illegal narcotic.  But to keep pot illegal because you think that it is the “devil” is just wrong.  My dad smoked pot until the day that he died and he was one of the intelligent, cleares thinking minds I had ever come across.

I remember him telling me that the reason he smoked pot was because it calmed his nerves.  By the time that he was ten my grandparents were already on nerve medication.  He would tell my grandfather to smoke it just once and he would feel better.  “No, goddang it,” my grandfather would say, “I’m not touching that stuff.”  And he never did.

It was a common question with my dad as to why something created by man – alchohol – was legal, and why something created by God – marijuana – was illegal.  Consider for a moment that marijuana has contributing factors to those who are sick.  The below video is of Cheech and Chong on Geraldo Rivera debating Ann Coulter on the legalization of marijuana.  I am sad to say there isn’t much of a debate, but I am glad that Ann Coulter didn’t open here mouth more than what she did.  It’s funny, I thought that Chong was dead.


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