The AFC playoff picture sucks!

With the vastly uncontested and hollow victory by the New York Jets against the Colts yesterday and a loss by the Ravens, the Jets have been catapulted into the wild card spot of the playoffs.  This is a farce and it sucks and I’ll tell you why.

  1. Even though the Colts have injured players that need rest they could have sat them at the half, after the first quarter, but mid-way through the third when up by five points?  Where is the logic in this?  The Colts could’ve stomped the Jets into the ground, rested their players next week and be fine.
  2. Last season the 11-5 Patriots missed the playoffs and now it seems that this year an eight and eight record might be good enough.  But do the Jets really deserve to go to the playoffs?  If the Jets beat the Colts starting squad last night we could say differently, but it was a hollow victory.  Anyone could tell by Peyton Manning’s body language last night that he wanted to go back out onto the field.  It seems to me that the Colts laid down last night when they should’ve made the Jets work hard for their victory.
  3. Teams on the outside looking in like Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Houston have scraped and fought to get where they are – not the Jets.  Do not forget the Tennessee Titans – who were bounced from playoff contention – but started out 0-6 to get to 7-8.  These teams have fought hard – not the Jets.

Last night was a travesty against the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts fans, and all the other teams who are fighting for a playoff birth.  While I am a Colts fan and a perfect record is not important, the starters could have played until the clock got to triple zero’s, then rested next week.  I am disappointed in the Colts management for creating a lack of competition in the playoff race, and this is why I say “the AFC playoff picture sucks!”


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