Opinions are like – Well, you know what they’re like

President Obama has promised change.  But what we have gotten are a continuation of the Bush policies.  An escalation of a foreign policy in Afghanistan with no end in sight, and economic plans that in the long run will hurt this country.  Obama is continuing the Bush policies of suppressing rights.

As of December 1, 2009 Gallup ran a poll showing 55% disapprove of the Obama administration’s plans for Afghanistan.  While the commanding general in Afghanistan Stanley McChrystal has advised 40,000 troop increases, President Obama plans to send a little less.  Obama’s approval among Democrats, Republicans, and Independents have taken a dive.

Once again, Obama said Change we can believe in and Yes we can.  But what he really meant was change that they the politicians can believe in, and yes they can do what they want.  The discontent of the American people with Obama will make it difficult for him to win 2012.  However, despite their disagreements the Dem’s will pull together to keep the White House.

While Americans disprove of Congress in various ways, as of December 17, 2009 Congress had a flat 25% approval rating.  Obviously the effects of the banker bailout, foreign policy, and overall distrust of the Congress is lingering.  The victory of the Democrats in 2008 maybe short-lived according to Gallup.  As of December 14, 2009 Dem’s regained a 48% to 45% lead over the Republicans, up from a 44% to 48% deficit a month ago.

As early as November 30, 2009, when asked how they would recommend their member of Congress to vote on health care 49% of Americans said against.  It is clear that the career politician is ignoring the obvious voice of the people.  But with no term limits, corporate and lobbies sponsorship, and limitations on third party participation, the chances of us seeing different faces in Congress is slim to none.

My source:      http://www.gallup.com/Home.aspx


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