Test vote for Health care passes hurdle

With President Obama leaving for secret talks in Copenhagen and Washington D.C. covered in a blanket of snow Senate Democrats won a major victory in conducting a test vote at 1 a.m.  The sixty to forty margin is enough to shut down a threatened GOP filibuster.

Today we are closer than we’ve ever been to making Sen. Ted Kennedy’s dream of universal health insurance coverage a reality,” Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa said.

This makes me want to puke.  It is without question that many of the Democrats who probably didn’t read this bill – and who would want to read an over exaggerated 1,990 page bill – cast their vote simply in favor of “reformed health care” based on the memory of Ted Kennedy.  Many of the career politicians in Congress don’t have their own mind to think with.

Sen. Olympia Snowe, the only Republican to support the bill in committee, was called to the White House to meet with President Obama  said she was “extremely disappointed” in what she called little time for her to review, much less amend the bill.  I’ve got a question – if you’re worried about the little time you have in reviewing a bill – why vote for it?

How do you like having mandatory health insurance?  In what Judge Andrew Napolitano surmised is legislation with the authority to fine, prosecute, or even throw you in jail for refusing to buy health insurance.  In taking a line from the movie JFK I say “when looks like it, acts like it, feels like it; you call it what it is – fascism!”

The passage of this bill still has challenges it needs to go through and some are speculating its survival based on differences between the House and Senate.  Let us pray these matters aren’t resolved.

This bill clearly calls for higher and hidden taxes, more borrowing and more spending in a time when the government should be cutting costs and taxes instead of increasing them.  Both bills in the House and Senate, which have their differences, both cost about $1 trillion of the next ten years.  To fund this Obama is proposing tax and fee increases and cuts to Medicare spending.  They’re saying it right here!  Taxes are going to go up.  The cost of health care is going to go up.  And the medical care provided to seniors is going to be cut.

With all the additions that congressman and senators want to throw in at the last-minute, the once 1,990 page bill is now 2,074 pages.  One word comes to mind – ridiculous.

There will be a day of accounting, warned John Cornyn, R-Texas, accusing Democrats of pushing a health overhaul opposed by the public. Perhaps the first day of accounting will be Election Day 2010.

I don’t much trust the Republicans any more than I do the Democrats, but if this is what the twenty-first century Democrat wants to do – then I say let the day of accounting come!


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