New Orleans plays for Katrina – is that wrong?

A person close to me has said that the Saints are still riding the coat tails of Hurricane Katrina, because according to him, before every game they say they are playing for Katrina.  So?  Taking into consideration that New Orleans was devastated by the hurricane, many lost their lives, chaos ensued, and the Super Dome turned into a demilitarized zone, is it wrong for them to play every game for the hurricane?

Granted if they are still doing the same thing twenty years from now then you can say, yeah, it’s a little over played.  But at one point officials wondered if the city would ever be reconstructed.  I applaud Drew Brees and the rest of the Saints organization for supporting their community.  It’s better than a government takeover.

During the pregame show the commentators showed a shirt that was being made and circulated saying WWBD -What Would Breesus Do?  I’m a Christian and even I think this is over the top, but if you don’t like, don’t buy it.  When WWJD first came out it had good intentions.  But as time went along people began to do a Mike Huckabee trying to stand out from the crowd and said “look at me I’m a Christian”.

So is it wrong for the Saints to play every game for the city of New Orleans and the victims of Katrina and the victims of the aftermath?  I think not.


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